Emma's Wish (1998)

Second chances can come in mysterious ways.

A lonely retirement home resident obtains a magical ring on her 75th birthday which grants her wish to again be young. Awakening the next morning she finds herself to be 40 years old again. She leaves the home and takes a position as a housekeeper for her daughter, who does not recognize her.

Original Title: Emma's Wish

  • Mike Robe
  • Año: 1998
  • Duración: 106 min.
  • Language: English

Dennis Cockrum

Det. William Steele

Joanna Kerns

Emma Bridges-Mame

Della Reese

Mona Washburn

Harley Jane Kozak

Joy Bridges-Bookman (adult)

Ashley Edner

Joy Bridges-Bookman (young)

William R. Moses

Brian Bookman

Courtland Mead

Danny Bookman

Seymour Cassel

Harry Bridges (old)

Colton James

Danny Bookman

Stephanie Niznik

Kelly Horner
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