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Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen (1970)

A Sex Odyssey blasts into orbit with the kinds of heavenly bodies not found in any solar system. It blends sexy shenanigans, bare-all seductions and naughty fun for an out-of-this-world experience that will have you seeing stars. Five Venusian aliens have been sent on a mission of grave importance. Seems Venus is an all-female planet, and these intergalactic beauties require the service of Earth men to help replenish their declining population. Clad in mouthwatering, skin-tight silver uniforms, the curvaceous, curious and highly intelligent space babes find themselves in one ultra-erotic situation after another. Though they are completely unaware of the ways, wants, and desires of the human male species, these gorgeous aliens quickly learn the language of love.

  • Año: 1970
  • Duración: 95 min.
  • País:
  • Language: Deutsch

Kurt Großkurth

Bürgermeister Ehrentraut

Astrid Boner


Hugo Lindinger


Alexander Allerson

Landrat Dr. Christian Nagel
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