Fou comme François (1979)

Marseille. The director of a company offers a promotion to Francois (Michel Creton) if he accepts to help him fire all the staff from his office. If he refuses, he will himself be fired. Francois opts for the latter. He registers as unemployed and discovers what he has lacked so far in his life: a certain freedom. His habits are changing as well as his attitude towards the others changes ... Luce (Claude Jade), his wife, and Marquerite (Courtois Queen), her stepmother, are surprised: why he is not himself anymore?

Original Title: Fou comme François

  • Gérard Chouchan
  • Año: 1979
  • Duración: 95 min.
  • País:
  • Language: Français

Michel Creton


Reine Courtois

Marguerite, mère de Luce
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