Flap (1970)

A warning to the Mayor: FLAP is here! The Indians have already claimed Alcatraz. City Hall may be next. You have been warned.

Comedy based on the plight of modern Native Americans living on reservations.

  • Año: 1970
  • Duración: 106 min.
  • País:
  • Language: English

Victor French

Sgt. Rafferty (Sheriff's Dept.)

Tony Bill

Eleven Snowflake

Anthony Quinn

Flapping Eagle

Claude Akins

Lobo Jackson

Shelley Winters

Dorothy Bluebell

Victor Jory

Wounded Bear Mr. Smith (Attorney at Law)

Rodolfo Acosta

Mr. Storekeeper / Ann's Father

Anthony Caruso

Silver Dollar (Tribal Chief)

William Mims

Steve Gray (District Attorney's Office)
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