Midnight Limited (1940)


The Phantom Robber gets a fortune in jewels and some valuable papers from a robbery on the crack train "The Midnight Limited" and Val Lennon and his pretty assistant, Joan Marshall, are on his trail. But the Phantom strikes three more times and adds murder to his list. Val decides to use himself as bait, although Chief Harrigan and Joan beg him not to risk his life. But Val, disguised as a wealthy Canadian, boards the train for a rendezvous with a killer.

Original Title: Midnight Limited

  • Howard Bretherton
  • Año: 1940
  • Language: English
  • Presupuesto: $61

George Cleveland

Prof. Van Dillon

John 'Dusty' King

Val Lennon

Marjorie Reynolds

Joan Marshall

Edward Keane

Capt. Harrigan

Monte Collins

Abel Krantz

Pat Flaherty

Train Conductor

Lane Chandler

Inspector in Montreal

Lita Chevret

Mae Krantz

Ray Bennett

Jake Pringle

Frank Hagney

Detective Joe O'Neill

Joe Caits

Detective Conway

Wilbur Mack

Mr. Gellard

Ray Turner

John - Train Porter
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