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The Clan of the White Lotus (1980)

Shaolin practitioners and brothers Wu and Hung kill the merciless Pai Mei. However, Pai Mei's even more merciless brother White Lotus takes revenge; killing most of the Shaolin disciples, including Wu and Hung's girlfriend, leaving only Wu's pregnant wife and Hung as the only remaining practitioners of Shaolin left to avenge the deaths. But Hung's kung-fu will not be powerful enough so he must learn feminine kung-fu techniques to help him try and defeat White Lotus.

Original Title: 洪文定三破白蓮教

  • Lo Lieh
  • Año: 1980
  • Duración: 95 min.
  • País:
  • Language: 普通话

San Sin

Priest White Lotus's guardian

Kara Hui

Mei Ha

Lo Lieh

Priest White Lotus

Cheng Miu

Paper shop boss

King Lee King-Chu

Ah Piao / Wu Ah Biu

Gordon Liu Chia-Hui

Hung Wei Ting

Lam Fai-Wong

Wu Nai Shing

Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

Governor Kao Ting Chun

Yeung Jing-Jing

Wu Siu Ching

Hsiao Ho

Priest White Lotus's guardian

Wilson Tong

Priest White Brow

Yeung Ching-Ching

Wu Siu Ching
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