Chip of the Flying U (1939)

Chip of the Flying U was Johnny Mack Brown's first western entry for 1940. Brown essays the title role of Chip Bennett, foreman of the Flying U ranch. Before the second reel has tumbled over the spools, Chip finds himself falsely accused of robbery and murder. The actual miscreants are in the employ of a band of foreign gunrunners, who speak in heavily Teutonic accents. Rest assured that Chip makes short work of these bush-league Storm Troopers before the sun sets in the West. Musical interludes are provided by a group calling themselves the Texas Rangers, even though they actually hailed from Kansas City.

Original Title: Chip of the Flying U

  • Ralph Staub
  • Año: 1939
  • Duración: 55 min.
  • País:
  • Language: en

Bob Baker


Frank Ellis


Karl Hackett


Johnny Mack Brown

'Chip' Bennett

Fuzzy Knight


Doris Weston

Margaret Whitmore

Forrest Taylor

J.G. Whitmore

Anthony Warde

Ed Duncan

Henry Hall

Banker Wilson

Hank Bell

Man on Porch

Budd Buster


Herman Hack


Victor Potel

Station Agent

Hank Worden

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