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Ngor lo paw hai dou sing (2008)

Jay Chou is a soft hearted, mellow young man that is often fooled and used by women who only want his money. One night, he saved a young and sexy Kung Fu master, Ying Ying and she helped Jay recoup many of his bad debts and kicked his lousy girlfriends away. Surprisingly, Ying Ying is a maestro in gambling - mahjong, football betting and horse racing. However, Ying Ying suffered from amnesia, and could not remember who she was. Nevertheless, Jay plucked up courage to ask her to marry him and she agreed. On the night before their wedding, Ying Ying disappeared! Later, Jay finally found her and she is contending in the Asian God of Gamblers Competition and also had a fiancé named Henry. What was Jay to do?

Original Title: Ngor lo paw hai dou sing

  • Wong Jing
  • Año: 2008
  • Duración: 98 min.
  • País:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Lee Lik-Chi

Boss Kwan

Wong Jing

Lung Tin Gau

Xing Yu


Natalie Meng Yao

Ying-ying / Na-na

Nick Cheung

Jay Chou

Cheung Tat-Ming

Eason Chan
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