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Ten Brothers (1995)

A silly fantasy/adventure film about a man and wife who inherit a magical bracelet that bestows ten sons unto them. It soon becomes apparent that there are ill-intentioned others who want to use the ten brothers to their own advantage.

Original Title: Ten Brothers

  • Lee Lik-Chi
  • Año: 1995
  • Duración: 100 min.
  • País:
  • Language: en

Lee Lik-Chi

Tunnel Digger Go Si-Lai

Shih Kien

Uncle Three

Joe Cheng Cho

Shan / Witch

Sharla Cheung Man

Chan Wai-Leung

Kenny Bee

Chan Ta-Ha

Law Kar-Ying

Thousand Miles Eyes One

Ashton Chen

Powerful Three

Kok Siu-Man

Fifth Brother

Elvis Tsui

General Hu / Big Mouth Wu

Kingdom Yuen

Sister San

Wong Yat-Fei

Fu / Ford

Chang Gan-Wing

Master Chan

Sek Kin

Uncle Three


General Hu / Big Mouth Wu
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