Les Cinq Dernières Minutes (1958)

Les Cinq Dernieres Minutes is a crime based French television series, created by Claude Loursais, broadcast from the 1st January 1958 till 20 December 1996. The show was aired in four series on several channels. The first series was broadcast in 56 episodes between 1 January 1958 and 7 November 1973 on RTF. After an intermediary series of four 90 minute episodes were broadcast from 19 July 1974 to 16 January 1975, a second 72 episode series was broadcast from 1975 to 1993, then a third 17 episode series from 1993 to 1996 was broadcast on Antenne 2.

Original Title: Les Cinq Dernières Minutes

Episodios: 1
  • Año: 1958
  • Language: Fr

Lyne Chardonnet


Jean Daurand

l'inspecteur Dupuy

Raymond Souplex

Commissaire Bourrel

Yori Bertin

Odette Clisson
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