Come Outside (1993)

Come Outside was a BBC educational children's television series that ran from 23 September 1993 to 18 March 1997 and continues to be repeated on CBeebies. The series aims to encourage young children to learn about the world around them. The starting point for each programme is something with which children are already familiar, such as water, wood, paper, boots, spiders, buses, soap, street lamps. The two main characters are Auntie Mabel, and her dog Pippin. They go on adventures in Auntie Mabel's aeroplane, travelling far and wide across the UK to find out more. Music, rhymes and stories enrich the programme topics. The episode Bricks won the Royal Television Society Educational Television Award 1997 in the Pre-school and Infants category. This was the main theme at the beginning of every episode: Look up, look down, look all around Up in the air or on the ground Come for a walk, come for a ride There's so much to see so Come Outside

Original Title: Come Outside

Episodios: 1
  • Año: 1993
  • Duración: 14 min.
  • País:
  • Language: En
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