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Mirror, Mirror (1995)

Mirror, Mirror is a television programme co-produced by Australia and New Zealand. Presented as a single complete story given in a serial with 20 episodes, there are cliffhangers between some of the episodes. Posie Graeme-Evans created the series, as well as being one of the executive producers. The other executive producers were Dorothee Pinfold and Ian Fairweather. John Banas, one of the directors of the series, is the father of Michala Banas. The other director was Sophie Turkiewicz. Co-writers for the series were Ray Harding, Greg Haddrick, Tony Morphett, Greg Millin, Katherine Thomson, Hilary Bell, Anthony Ellis, Ian Fairweather, Posie Graeme-Evans. The theme song, which was co-written by Chris Harriott and Dennis Watkins, was sung by Nadine Weinberger.

  • Año: 1995
  • Duración: 24 min.
  • País:
  • Language: En

Judy McIntosh

Catherine Guthrie

Michala Banas

Louisa Iredale

James Ashcroft

Tama Williams

Jeffrey Walker

Royce Tiegan

Nicholas Hammond

Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne
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